Reframe on the certain resonance _01


Photography / NY / 2017  

Review By Amy Whitaker 

Kiya takes every day objects and re-frames them for us. Through her abstract representation, the objects are removed from the realm of the every day and presented as studies of color and texture, a specific choice of how to view the world. Scratches and imperfections become objects of interest, distinguishing marks, signs of life and the people that interact with the objects.

Kiya is a master of capturing a sense of excitement and movement in the sedentary. Her presentation allows us to see this movement as something that evokes both sound and feeling. A feeling of happiness and childhood play. A remembrance of what it’s like to view things as we did as children: the mundane is filled with wonder and joy, and looked at in close range, as though we ourselves are physically closer to the objects at hand. Her work also takes the form of sound, in which she explores these same textures and shapes through a new medium.

Through each media, her work maintains a sense of being both playful and fashion forward. She pushes boundaries in how we see things and the world around us, reflecting her choice of fabrics and materials in her fashion work and jewelry. Things meant for childhood play are brought into the realm of our adult lives, questioning what it means to be an adult, and how we incorporate play into our lives. Do our clothes reflect who we are, who we want to be, or the sense of restraint we learn as we enter this strange place called adulthood?