Interdisciplinary Artist, Object herself, A little bit a Writer or Word Player, Image Collector, and Contemplator

Raised in South Korea and Based in New York City since 2008, Her work evolves through a dialogue between sensational inner muses and outer phenomena. The urban setting predominating throughout her life path opened her eyes to myriad material fabrications. Her multi-faceted works take the form of: rhythmic site-specific installation, ethereal video, juxtaposed assemblage, whimsical jewelry, interactive performance, and, festive fashion-based sculpture.

Kim grew up surrounded by literature due to her father and mother’s artistic perspectives. Her parents provided unstinting support nurtured Kim’s fearless sensitivity and continual efforts to expand her offbeat vision.

B. South Korea. Lives and works in New York, NY

kiyakim.me  / kiyakimnyc@gmail.com  / 1-347–9302 / @kiyakim_artworks


2018        Master of  Fine Arts in Art Practice _ School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

2012        Certificate in Fashion Styling _ Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY

2000        Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fine Art _Donguei University, Busan, Korea


2014      Wassaic Project Residency / New York, NY

2001      Competition of Island Non-Profit Space /  Busan, Korea



  • Evocation of a quite private stare _ Museum Ground / Youngin ,Korea


  • Atypical Cadence _ Hoban Art Salon / Kwang Myung , Korea
  • Ethereal Adjective _ Young Eun Museum of Contemporary Art / Kwangju Kyungkido , Korea


  • Another day I was dressed in my laugh again_ 530 Canal  / New York, NY


  • Appetizers of Ingenious Attitude ( Fashion Assemblage ) _ MCM showroom / Seoul, Korea
  • 7 Days at #10276 _ Paths from NYC to BAHAMA / Cruise ship
  • Another Associated Territory _with Hongik college student / Seoul, Korea
  • This is my Laugh _ Interactive Performance / NY, LA, Korea


  • The Words project / New York, NY


  • Sunlight _ Assemble Intuitions  _ Toy Republic Gallery  / Seoul, Korea
  • Would you like some tea? _ Invited by SLDF – Coex / Seoul, Korea


  • Status Anxiety ‘ _ Performance _ Sponsored by Hyundai Motors-M stage / Seoul, Korea


  • ST { ART  } RY _ Jewelry Show _ STORY / New York, NY


  • Urban Muse _ Fashion Assemblage Project / New York, NY
  • Delight in Light _ Fashion Assemblage Project / New York, NY


  • Scratching on the Sky’ _ Space Maxim / New York, NY


  • Kiya Street _ 3 Story Multi-Cultural Space / Seoul


2017     Quality Time – SVA Chelsea Gallery / New York, NY

2016     Annual Group show -The Invisible Dog Art Center / New York, NY

2015     SALONUKHA – Trestle Gallery / New York, NY 

2014     SALONUKHA-Trestle Gallery / New York, NY 

2014     Mash Up – Islip Art Museum / New York, NY 

2014     HIVE Group Show -The Invisible Dog Art Center / New York, NY

2013     Big Future – Recession Art / New York, NY

2013     Work/Space -The Invisible Dog Art Center / New York, NY

2012     Work/Space -The Invisible Dog Art Center / New York, NY

2011     Collaboration with Artistry –Horim Museum / Seoul, Korea

2011      Juried Show / Wide Open – BWAC / New York, NY

2011      Work/Space – The Invisible Dog Art Center / New York, NY

2010      Chasing 56 -The space M/ New York, NY

2010      Wind, where are we going? Gallery Maum / New York, NY

2010      If you see nothing, Say something – The Invisible Dog Art Center / New York, NY

2009      Haitian: Tears from Survivors – KGS Gallery / NJ

2008      As it is – Multi Media Center / NJ

2007      Annual Mission’s show / Church of Christ / Seoul, Korea

2006      Pop of Christmas – 3story Gallery / Seoul, Korea

2003      Seoul Design Art Festival Seoul – Art Center / Seoul, Korea

2001      Korea Young Artists Biennale – Daegu Cultural Art Center / Daegu, Korea

2001      Competition of Island Non-Profit Space – Island Non-Profit Space / Busan, Korea

2000      I am going to dream – Kyungsung Museum / Busan, Korea


2016    Special Lecture_Cheonnam university / Kwangju, Korea

2009    Special Lecture _Suwon University / Suwon, Korea


2019 August / Arts and Culture / The Color of kiya kim by Yoon Sub Kim

2016       Modern Oracle Kiya kim Story / Ingenious Attitude

2016       MoMA p.s. 1 studio visit PS1 / studio visit / kiya kim

2015       June / Naver blog / Korea Artist Kiya kim /Kiya kim Exhibition

2015       June / Korean Spirit / Korea Kiya Kim / Exhibition

2015       June / Acrofan / Korea Kiya kim / Exhibition

2015       June / Brain Media / Korea Kiya kim / Exhibition

2015       June / Art card / Korea Kiya kim / Exhibition

2015       June / Naver News /Korea Kiya kim / Exhibition

2015       June / Notefolio Magazine /Korea Kiya Kim / Exhibition

2014       Mar / Noblesse / Korea

2013       Sep / Quistyle NYFW by Mangue Banzima / NY Kiya kim style

2013       Emagnet The way of living this couple

2010       Jul / The L Magazine by Deirdre Hering / NY

2010       May / Art Slant / NY  kiya kim

2010       Broadway World / NY  kiya kim

2010       Art Calender / NY

2010       Going NYC / NY

2010       Celeste. network / NY

2010       Cobble Hill blog / NY

2010       New York Art beat/ NY

2010       San Art / NY

2009       May / Computer Art – Artist of the Month / Korea

2007       Dec / Elle Magazine-with S flora / Korea

2007       Mar /In Style Magazine – Contemporary artists inspiration / Korea

2007       Marie Claire Magazine- with S flora / Korea

2007       Bazaar Magazine-with S flora / Korea

2007       Segea Times News Paper / NY

2007       Korean Community Newspaper / NY

2007       Korea Daily News Paper-Multi Section / NY

2007       Korean Times News Paper / NY

2006       May/ High Fashion Magazine / Korea

2006       Casa living Magazine- Exhibition section / Korea

2006       Design house – Exhibition section / Korea

2006       Instyle Magazine – Exhibition section / Korea

2006       Casa living Magazine- Exhibition section / Korea

2006       April / SBS Morning wide-Exhibition interview / Korea

2004       Design Jungle Web Magazine special issue -FABYKI interview / Korea

2003       Dec / Vogue girl – Christmas gift FABYKI / NY


2015     Archive of Asian American Art Center / NY

2013     Studio Visited by Gertrude _ Meet Art / NY

2010     Curatorial Project  _ ‘If you see nothing Say something’ _The Invisible Dog Art                      Center /NY

2007     Visual Art director _‘ Crayon Dance Project _Haeundae Cultural center / Busan,                     Korea


Museum Ground / Yongin, Korea

Young Eun Museum of Contemporary Art / Kyungki Kwangju, Korea

Vinyl I / Seoul, Korea

Lucid promo / Seoul, Korea

The Story / NY,USA

Busan High Schcool of Art / Busan, korea

Dongrae middle school of girl / Busan,Korea

Many of private collections in NY and SEOUL 



I write now in fragments
about fragments of fragmented life,
scraps of biography,
thread of personal evolution
this reflects the work I make which is also fragments,
a piece of material,
gesture in form,
which the viewer assemble to make their own story


All the things
after an immersive gaze
it begins by dismantling the original purpose of the object

A gesture toward the monologue
vague emotions are edited in the interpretation
of the three-dimensional structure


Sensory in the abstract

Such as seeing the sound
Such as listening to the color


The only certain thing,
my heart was stretched toward purity
a shape of collage stirred inside in my universe

Dive deeply
what I can only see if I go deeper

The beginning of the way to navigate for sound, color, form and, gesture

To be more isolated
stand in front of the making chosen isolation

Authentic property not rolling on the surface at all
I close my ears and close my eyes from the vulgar noises

It’s silent, so much more
but my emotional vocabulary sharpened




Creating work accompanies persistent investigation of my presence

Self-inquiry and response in regard to a grasp in everyday moments

Sort of extractions from emotional vibes in the outer circumstances

On the way to the introspective narrative in the human being


An attitude of contemplation, I am mesmerized in the materialistic atmosphere. There are particular visual scene, sound or music, a psychological reaction in the space which boosts my creative circuit. Inspiration was derived from the remnants of childhood and chronological life paths. Amused with dolls, which were first metaphoric society and released given fashion sensibility to the doll. It rather grows intimacy for the human relationship. Metropolitan environments provide me with seeing glamourous objects and materials. Entire Implications merged on synthetic practice in the conviviality.

Then it is distilled to my multifaceted interpretations throughout Mixed media, Site-specific installation, Self-representation: object – myself, Fashion assemblage, Interactive performance, Video, and, Poetry in the interdisciplinary approach.

Scattered ambiguous emotions are conceived assemblage as composed confectionary colors and no edged structures. The moment I’m aware, transforming materials into the unspeakable complicated emotions. Although it was in sadness and frustration, I delivered paradoxical vivid color expressions through a representation of my personal sanctuary. They can be choreographed themselves spontaneously.  By intuitional manner, I experiment on how my sensations reacted to each different attribute on elements. Meanwhile, I observe I can form metaphysical vocabulary as atypical cadence, float on the certain universe, and it can be worn as the poetic language for my work.

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