@ Collaboration with CAVALAB _ Nonhyun _ Dong, Seoul, Korea _2021

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In a narrow alley of Nonhyeon-dong,Seoul,three-dimensional shapes and colors are applied to an old shabby house which has been eroded by the thickness of time. The colors, objects, or structural combinations that make up them are translated and expressed form from my vague emotional states. Fragments of ambiguous sensations float on vivid colors, between typical and atypical, abstract and figurative, and then meet as a common denominator of amusement, thereby regenerating the place. It is an extension of mixed media work that has been done so far and a more extended implementation. As the flat assemblage works on the white cube meet the outside world, proceeded volume scale into a three-dimensional façade work.

In addition, the assemblage work using the mannequin body is an extension of the 1st Society Series that has been working since 2011. The combination of objects that deconstructed the original purpose of the ready-made dolls subverts the rigid notion of an existing object or the language that defines the division, and shows an aesthetic language of the senses.

The video installation work on the upper right balcony of the house, there colouring old TV which it becomes the object itself and a tool to reproduce the sculpture work. It is constructed by intuitive manners with different objects are assembled through free spirits and logical gesture alongside.


The Giggle of Emotional sound was turned into a tangible material that could be seen and wearable.

The “ This is is my laugh” Performance: self-representation for conveying emotional material elements which has been ongoing since July 2017.

There are no boundaries regarding the people who engage with me on the street,I with chosen one of the many materials in my studio and wrapped it in a shiny paper that I use often in my work, telling them this is my laugh. The majority of people wondered what I was saying, “What? ”they urged them to open it immediately. When they did, their reaction was truly amazing. Sometimes artificial leaves or plastic miniature birds were hidden under the title laugh in the paper. At that moment, Watching their facial expressions and minds was a tremendous discovery for me. I asked. “How are you feeling? “Then everyone responded with a saying” Happy”or” Brighter “. This magical work will be continued in my art practice. My contradictory laughter but the transformative act of dancing from the deep sorrow to laughing again with the world is also a midday amusement.

Additionally This project was a part of experimental performance : how materials working to the public that I’ve been utilising on my works which it can be transformed from my unspeakable emotions.

You can find out through this recording on YouTube below link


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